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Our Story

A Swahili name meaning ‘To Grow Strong’. This name encompasses
our mission and lies at the heart of our products.
We weave elements of beauty into our products, our mindset and our everyday. Being bold in our
ambitions is the touchstone of how we innovate.
A brand with unwavering assurance on the blend and quality of ingredients that will offer you
strength to move through life’s moments.
iLOLA is me, iLOLA is us, iLOLA is the sum of our collective
memorable moments.

iLOLA is Nourishment

Our desire is to create nourishment to help you excel as you move through the meaningful, the mundane, the exhausting, the difficult, the beautiful and the glorious.  
An initial glance across the room.
A warm word from a stranger in the right place at the right time.
A child’s first breath.
A sharing of passions. 
A lasting vow.

iLOLA is Luxury Wellness

iLOLA products are made locally by Canadian artisans, handcrafted and curated with premium ingredients from all over the world.  Our in-house experts work tirelessly to create healthy and beautiful products.

At iLOLA we believe everything should look beautiful, taste amazing and elevate your well-being.  Your wellness should seamlessly marry into the rest of your ensemble and comfortably fit into your life.

iLOLA is Me

iLOLA is me, iLOLA is us, iLOLA is the sum of our collective memorable moments. iLOLA is the tradition of strength found in the pause.

iLOLA is the lasting embrace of quality wellness as we share our moments, finding comfort within ourselves and each other in times of uncertainty.

This is Us

We are a large family with 5 amazing children who are respectable, fun and full of love.  We work as a family, together in our business. We have survived the sleepless nights, raising twins and overcoming close losses. Staying healthy is at the foundation of all of our choices. Our community and their support is fundamental to our survival. Keeping them healthy, strong and staying at their best helps our family stay healthy, strong and at our best.

iLOLA is us - iLOLA is you.