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Se Chung No. 50
Se Chung No. 50

Se Chung No. 50

A soft and delicate earthy fusion with creamy undertones of vanilla. Low Caffeine.

Se Chung Oolong Tea*, Natural Vanilla Flavouring, Proprietary Probiotic Blend. *Certified Organic.

Se Chung is a natural energizer and mood booster that improves cognitive function and promotes weight loss.

Formulated with Proprietary Probiotics, iLOLA Tea Discs improve your digestive system by promoting healthy gut bacteria.

Welcome the Se Chung Tea by iLOLA Tea Discs to your daily rituals, morning or afternoon, for maximum health benefits. iLOLA Tea Discs are designed to be steeped as tea. These are not designed for eating.

For the perfect tea, steep at 205°F (96°C) - 212°F (100°C) for five to fifteen minutes. One Tea Disc for one cup, two Tea Discs for a pot. For a delicious iced tea, pour boiling water over Tea Disc and steep at room temperature for eight to twelve hours. Pour over ice and dress your cup as you wish.